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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Road Groupset - Disc 2020


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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Road Groupset - Disc

This superb groupset is engineered for intense road use as it offers a superior range of innovative technologies from its amazing 12 speed components. It is a perfect choice for riders who spend hours in the saddle across mixed terrain conditions while still maintaining the racing performance you would expect. Designed to have an elegant and modern appearance, this stunning kit provides you with everything you need for fast shifting accuracy and unmatched disc braking performance.

Chorus Crankset 2x12 Speed

This high-quality crankset offers a technically advanced build which is perfect for pushing your performance up a notch. It features a carbon fibre arm construction which offers incredible stiffness without any unnecessary grams being added to your ride. Keeping you in control, this version is also kitted out with a steel axle which adds another layer of durability to this already rock-solid workhorse.

Powerful 12 Speed Road Crankset

Whether you're competing or riding with your local club at the weekend, this road champion is engineered to give you maximum torque performance. Giving you optimum power, this model's symmetrical teeth on its internal chainring offers fluid, precise transmission, even with extreme cross-chaining. This means you can enjoy faster and more instant shifts as you ride towards victory.


  • Arm Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Axle Material: Steel
  • Chainring Material: Aluminium
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Q Factor: 145.5mm
  • Weight: 728g (172.5mm version approx)

Chorus Ergopower Disc Brake Levers

These brilliant disc brake levers are perfect for road use as they offer exceptional stopping power and modulation on every ride. They feature a tough aluminium construction which makes them ideal at handling all the abuse that comes with a long day out on the road. Campagnolo has also gone the extra mile by giving this version a special coating which enhances its finish and feel, making it also identical to the Super Record and Record controls.

Adjustable Road Brakes

Giving you versatility, this powerful duo is equipped with an adjustable reach. This means you can fine-tune the distance between the levers and your handlebar to suit your specific hand size, riding preferences and the terrain conditions. As a result, you'll benefit from more precise braking from two components which feel like a natural extension of your body.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Weight: 488g (approx)

Chorus Rear Derailleur

This superb rear mech offers the same podium-topping technology and design as Campagnolo's top-end products at an affordable price. Giving you sophistication as you soar past your competitors, this version uses a solid aluminium construction for tackling the toughest of rides. Furthermore, its equipped with 3D EMBRACE technology and 12 tooth pulley wheels which makes it suitable for all cassettes as the distance stays optimum on each individual sprocket.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Weight: 220g (approx)

Chorus Front Derailleur

Ready for racing, this stunning front mech offers extremely fluid movement and precision on every road. It features an upper semi-rod which is not connected to the lower rod which eliminates the free stroke and allows for more immediate and responsive upshifting shifting. Furthermore, this model's cage is also designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations as it stops transmission contact and friction.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Tyre Compatibility: Up to 32mm
  • Weight: 87g (approx)

Chorus 12 Speed Cassette

This superb cassette is specifically designed for fast-paced road adventures as it offers superior versatility and smoothness. It features a robust steel construction which is more than capable of withstanding the most demanding of runs. Campagnolo has also given this version a nickel-chromed finish which makes it look as amazing as it performs as you keep your eye on the finish line. This is a perfect choice of upgrade for flawless gear changes across mixed road surfaces.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finsh: Nickel-chromed
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Weight: 310g (11-29 version)

Chorus 12 Speed Chain

This brilliant chain is developed for extremely high-performance levels as it offers faster and lighter shifting. It features a tough steel construction which makes it excellent at handling the constant torque that comes with longer road journeys. As a result, you'll benefit from an impeccable component which ensures amazing reliability and performance wherever your next urban adventure takes you.


  • Material: Steel
  • Speed: 12 speed
  • Width: 5.15mm
  • Number of Links: 110 links
  • Weight: 243g (approx)

Campagnolo Disc Brake Caliper

This standard flat mount caliper ensures powerful, modular braking in any situation. It features an impression magnetic system which allows your pads to return to their position rapidly. This guarantees an overall gap between the pad and disc of 0.4-0.6mm and a zero risk of accidental contact. Campagnolo has also installed a special metal plate to this model which is positioned between the pad and the caliper piston which cushions the vibrations during braking.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Mount: Flat mount
  • Weight: 118g (approx)

Campagnolo Disc Brake Rotor

This top-quality disc brake rotor is perfect for racing as it delivers fast and reliable braking performance. It features a solid aluminium construction which keeps it weight reduced to only 99g (approx), so you can enjoy its amazing control without sacrificing any weight.

Heat-Resistant Rotor

Kitted out with safely rounded outer edges, this version is designed to dissipate heat securely and evenly. This allows the rotor to guarantee precise stopping power in hot environments which could compromise the functionality of traditional rotors.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Compatibility: Campagnolo AFS disc brakes
  • Weight: 99g (approx)

Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket

This solid bottom bracket is specifically engineered to ensure maximum fluidity of movement with every rotation. This sleek version is equipped with a strong aluminium construction which makes it perfect at coping with the constant motion of your crankset during a race or long-distance road journey. Weighing in at only 40g, this is the ultimate choice of upgrade for riders who want top-level performance without any excess weight.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 40g (approx)


  • Colour: Carbon
  • Option: 50.34, 52.36
  • Teeth: 11-34t, 11-30t
  • Speed: 12 Speed
  • Length: 172.5mm, 175mm, 170mm

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